With fast paced modern life depression is experienced by many people from all walks of life, and is on the increase.

For depression that is recently experienced, or is more long term, it is good to know that skills can be learnt to deal with it. For example learning to talk honestly to your family about your real feelings, and/or asking for something you really need, like a gentle caring hug or relaxed time together with no busyness. Or even help with something around the home. These are skills people with depression can and do learn (amongst others like mindfulness and more) and really do help. Lots of people can vouch for this.

Many people with depression suffer silently, and many times on their own, often believing that they are the only one. With the right support this can be turned around and you start to get your life back on track, feeling empowered, connected and hopeful again. Often the first step in recovery is discovering that this support is available.

For more information, or an informal chat, give us a call and we can discuss if we can work together towards this.