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What is the Self, truly? If this is your deepest longing, stirring, calling you have come to the right place.


All paths lead to the Self.
Each path is unique and your Birth Chart
points to your way to know Self.
Furthermore, points to your way out of suffering
which is integral to the path.  

Could the natural flow of life have brought you here,
right now, to recognise your natural Self?

An In-Depth Evolutionary Astrology Reading is the direct pointing to knowing Self.

It is not just information but an experiential journey (2.5 hours recorded)
where veils to Self become transparent and Self recognition happens naturally.
Visit the Spiritual Awakening page for more info.

traditional psychology - small

Recognising Self involves deep shadow work.

personality types - home

Self expressing itself through personality.

personal development - home

Living Self involves the cultivation of a new personhood.

Self help toolkit - home

Helpful tools to live as Self.

holistic sport psychology - home

Awakening to Self through sport, exercise and Qi Gong.

life coaching - home

Support to embody Self in every day life.

couples work therapy - home

Relationships as the fast track to knowing Self.

spiritual healing - home

Disidentifying from limited self.

spiritual awakening - home

Direct pointing to Self.